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    Skin Essentials


    Most young women were introduced to the salon with the need to thread their eyebrows, chin, upper lip and so on. Even though it is one of the most basic of the salon services, we tend to stick to the same staff who we’ve been going to for years. At VLCC every staff is trained and experienced to do the very basic yet very important service with care and attention for detail.


    The days of painful waxing sessions are long gone. At VLCC, we make waxing experience come along as a pleasurable treatment. You can opt for a basic Honey wax or choose the flavor you most like from our range of premium waxes. These aromatic Waxes can also be chosen based on the specific skin types so that the end result is a smooth and long lasting sheen to the skin.


    It is the one of the most commonly requested salon service for skin lightning and discoloration. Many of us are apprehensive still, thinking it to be harsh on skin. Our experts at VLCC suggest products which are mild on skin and come with no side effects.

    Now bid Adieu to uneven skin tone with VLCC Bleach that comes in 5 variants to suit different skin types and different pockets. Choose from our regular range of herbal, oxygen, gold and diamond bleach or try our exclusive protein Fruit bleach to get a radiant glow like never before.


    Pollution, UV rays and lifestyle choices all add up to tanning. Almost all of us wonder how to get rid of the tan. Many vouch for VLCC’s detan services. Not only is it effective, it also helps revive the natural sheen of the skin.

    We at VLCC use Specifix detan which is a unique one of a kind face detan that combines the benefits of nature and science and is enriched with lemon peel extract, cucumber, peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil which will make skin beautifully radiant removing all signs of tan, dullness and sun burn caused by the UV Rays. The pack is paraben free which renders it absolutely free to be used on all skin types and has skin lightening, firming, toning and anti ageing properties. The inherent enzymatic properties of hydrolysed soy protein and niacin amide aid in brightening the skin and retain the skin moisture to prevent extra dryness and reinstate nourishment in the skin

    Hands & Feet Essentials

    VLCC H&F Essentials to keep your hands and feet clean and maintained. Ranging from a simple Manicure pedicure to exotic cocktail Manicure Pedicures, we have it all. All our pedicures include scrubbing and deep skin exfoliation to get you baby soft hands and feet. What more? You will enjoy all our manicure/ pedicures on our Massage chairs with your feet dipped in a bubble tub and great sensorials working to give you complete relaxation.


    Well maintained Nails Up your Style Quotient in the most subtle way and enhance your personality. From the funkiest Nail polish colors to the trendiest nail arts, we have it all to keep your Nails in vogue. Our gel nails and nail extensions glam you up with ease. Try our exclusive chrome nails to up your style quotient. Nail cut/file, Pedicure, Manicure, Detan, scrub, polishing, bleach. You name it we master it. Visit a VLCC center near you shine on like the star that you were born as.

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